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12 oz. Orange Blossom Honey
Savannah Bee Company

12 oz. Orange Blossom Honey

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Orange Blossom Honey is floral, fruity, and incredibly aromatic. It can add dimension to many foods, drinks, and sauces, and is particularly good for baking.

This fragrant, light amber honey comes from sunny Central Florida, an area of the US famous for its abundance of orange groves. Beekeepers from around the nation bring their hives here in March and April so the hardworking honeybees can pollinate the blossoming trees, which allows us the pleasure of having oranges to eat.

The bees also collect the fragrant nectar from the orange blossoms and turn it into a delicious, candy-sweet honey. As soon as the trees lose their blossoms, these skilled beekeepers extract the Orange Blossom Honey, making sure to keep it separate from the other spring honey.

TASTING NOTES: Very sweet. Finishes with subtle citrus notes.
REGION: Central Florida
PAIRINGS: Ideal for roasted carrots or drizzle over buttery French toast. Try as a dip for fresh figs, strawberries, and melon.